Spreading the News – weekly

Being a news presenter is a lot harder than you would think it is. At the same time it’s fairly easy: Read out the news aloud and be engaging while doing so… oh yeah: and being nice to your colleagues. That’s basically it, right?!

What you don’t see while watching the news on TV is the amount of work that’s put in beforehand: the planning & researching, the filming & scripting, the editing & organizing… unless you’re on a course like the MA International Journalism one @UCF in Cornwall where you have to put together a TV news bulletins any given Tuesday.

Once these spotlights are on and the clock reads 16:00 it’s time for “The World Tonight”. That’s when everything comes together. The “rat like cunning”, the editing in dark rooms without windows, the troubleshooting etc.

The honors of presenting the very first edition of this year’s weekly news programme “The World Tonight” went to… that’s right: fellow student Sarah Yeoman from the MBJ course and I. And what a great experience it was!

Presenting what you and your peers worked on for days and putting it into a 15 minute news bulletin, live and direct, is quite special. Challenging fun that shall leave us with some reasonable skills – in front of the camera as well as behind it…

pcitures: Charlotte Barry & Adam Liebendorfer

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