My name is Henner. I love dark chocolate ice cream, international news and sports, especially the BVB.
Since turning 8 I like catching a wave every once in a while.
I moved to Cornwall in late September 2012 but I keep watching Tatort and following the nba and bundesliga.

Apart from being totally addicted to coffee, I live quite a healthy life. My natural habitat is outdoors and at least for now – Cornwall.

Over the next couple of months I will be spreading the news of Cornwall’s beautiful lifestyle and waves through pictures as well as words, audio and video. What I can’t experience or cover myself I take in via reading Die ZeitThe Guardian and various other high end media outlets. Thanks to my british lecturers I also (re-)discovered twitter for myself.

Most of the content you will find on Sea At Last will in some way or another be connected to my 1-year-postgradute-course in International Journalism, which initially made me come to this remote part of Europe…

To cut a long story short:

There will be loads of pieces on local events, food and drinks for you to enjoy on my Blog, as well as small little snippets on the cornish lifestyle as a whole, which among many things includes surfing and live music on any given sunday.

So stay tuned and happy as a hippo.

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