Liquid Sunshine

Lesson 1: Liquid Sunshine

Let’s be frank: The weather in Cornwall sucks. At least most of the times. Starting in September, rain showers become ominpresent. They might even become more common than Cornish people not bothering about an umbrella whilst walking through the rain. That being said: September’s and October’s weather only serves as a preparation for the even wetter winter months, which usually last until late March.

The only way of dealing with the Cornish weather is to not take it serious anymore. And what better way to tame that annoying weather phenomenon that is rain than to call it … exactly: “Liquid Sunshine”. There’s nothing wrong with sunshine, right? Plus, you don’t need an umbrella anymore.

Oh yeah: “Liquid Sunshine” is also the name of an local Ale which too can help getting your mind off the terrible weather…


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