Getting jiggy with it

It was one of these concerts that you’ll remember for quite a while, if not forever. Especially if you didn’t know Ruarry Joseph’s music before going to his Sunday evening concert at the Poly in Falmouth. One of the greater music venues that you’ll stumble across…

Another great discovery – if not the discovery of the evening (Sorry Ruarry and band) – was the Irish singer/songwriter Marc O’Reilly. Goosebumping people up with his raspy voice and style of playing the guitar.

If you’re keen on seeing Marc rock his grassroots way your next chance is this Thursday @ the Taphouse in nearby St. Agnes. If you do: Enjoy and get your CDs signed if you can.

Here’s a little taste of Ruarry and his band. Enjoy.

Ruarry Joseph @ the Poly from Henner Thies on Vimeo.


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