Reporting from Newquay Film Festival


This is the first TV package I ever did for our weekly TV news programme The World Tonight @Falmouth University.

It’s about the annual Film Festival in the surf-crazed town of Newquay, half an hour up north from Falmouth.

It’s clearly not perfect and looking back (three months have gone by since I shot and edited it along with Adam Liebendorfer) there are so many things that I would do different now – like getting more cutaways to go with the words, leave out that nasty edit at 0:44, voice it up more lively etc. etc.

But for a start and my first ever piece to camera, I think it’s alright, isn’t it?

We’ll see how I do in the future. Maybe I start by taking my bright yellow beanie out of my jacket before facing camera…

NewquayFilmfest Holmes from Henner Thies on Vimeo.


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