Summing Up the EU Summit

EU Summit_web

Putting together an international news package based in Cornwall isn’t always easy. Especially if you got assigned to “covering” something as dull and far away from western England as the (back then) upcoming EU Summit.

Still an important topic it was not to be left out in our evening news programme.

In the end I put it together from reuters footage (which we got access to as Falmouth students), scripting, editing and voicing it up just before our deadline at 15:00.
And although I didn’t do any filming myself this time, there was quite some researching and explaining to be done – for the first time by using a graphic.

Did I say that I studied sports?
This is probably as far away from my academic expertise as I’ve been. But with my MA in full effect, I’m sure I will soon go even further…

I guess that too is a lesson that journalism teaches you: A comfort zone is quite a flexible thing.

EU Summit Edit from Henner Thies on Vimeo.


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