Veggie Crisis in Cornwall


I actually didn’t want to post this package. Why?
Well jump to 1:10 and watch me doing a piece to camera with a massive carrot in hands…

Anyway. The filming Adam Liebendorfer and I did for this very package was the most enjoyable and successful yet (at least from our point of view). And: The veggie crisis prior to Christmas showcased in the final TV package is ongoing and far from being solved. Not only in Britain but worldwide. Plus: In Laurence Blewett we probably met the most media savvy Cornish farmer there is.
That’s enough reasons to put the package online anyway.

And if it makes you laugh – even better.


A very nice article about what the situation is like in Germany, compared to Great Britan can be found here.


Global veggie crisis reaches Cornwall from Henner Thies on Vimeo.


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