Pedal to the metal


Following up on some of the improvements needed in planning (which I mentioned in one of my last posts) this time I made my mind up in detail about what the actual angle to my story was and who I needed to talk to in order to cover it properly. And as this one’s all about radio i.e. theatre for the mind, it’s not just getting interviews but also wild track…

But first things first: While waiting for Joe Williams, Sustrans’ Policy and Media advisor, to call me from his London office and give me the latest from the second session of the @allpartycycling inquiry, I better tell you what story I am actually covering:

Since Wednesday last week an all party cycling inquiry which follows The Times’ “Cities Fit For Cycling” campaign is underway. Chaired by the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) it examines how to encourage more people in the UK to use their bicycles as their main means of transport and at the same time make cycling on UK streets safer.


Looking at the latest tragic hit-and-run-accident in Bristol and the UK’s “substandard” infrastructure, you can see that an inquiry like that is much needed. Also: Because the UK ranks at the bottom of the list of nearly every European cycling survey – apart from when it comes to racing of course, where Bradley Wiggins is cycling’s newest king.

When it comes to the public cycling to work or using their two-wheelers in their leisure time, however a lot needs to be done…

What that is and how the UK (and Cornwall) will do to catch up with the rest of the EU’s vital cycling culture – well you’ll hear that as soon as my radio package is done – hopefully tomorrow. For now, it’s all about getting my interviews done.

Oh: That’s Joe Williams calling…



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