Handling my 1st assessment – pt.III


The Packet’s update on the Wave Hub project came as a shock to me: It said, that the Wave Hub was soon to be deployed by an energy company from Ireland…

All of a sudden the interview I did the day before with Ian Ashton, an expert on marine renewables, seemed useless or at least not fully up to date. In the interview I took on the angle of the Wave Hub not being used commercially after all these years and triggering the fact that the once pioneering project was about to lose its place among the world market of marine renewables…

Well, with the above developments considering the potential deployment of the Wave Hub by the end of 2012 the only chance of saving my story and keeping it as current as possible was to, right: Do it again!

Luckily Ian Ashton was up for it and I managed to get an updated version of the interview I did two days before.

In the end, honestly, it might’ve been better to go for the mining topic in the first place. To get my assessment done in time though, there was no way of changing the topic altogether, two days before it was due.

So: yesterday by 18:30 I uploaded both my clip and interview plus cues onto our online-plattform, confident that under the circumstances I gave it my best, but at the same time not quite satisfied with the result itself.

That leaves me to quote Bernd Stromberg (my favourite character in the German series Stromberg): “Der Versuch ist immer der erste Weg zum Scheitern.” In English: “Trial is always the first way to failing.”


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