In chess boxing it’s brain vs. pain


If you haven’t heard about chess boxing, this post is a revelation. Because this hybrid, fast growing sport is probably the funnest thing you’ll ever witness or – if you’re bold enough – play.

In the run-up to Christmas a couple friends and I went to see the sports’ international finale at the Scala in London and it was by all means a night to remember.

Two fighters going at each other until one is checkmate or k.o. First playing chess and then letting their fists finish what their brain couldn’t or the other way ‘round. And usually there are at least three different fights, or do you say matches?

Whatever you call it it’s great fun to watch: Round after round it’s blood sweat and cheers with the crowd hollering and hooting and the commentator (Stuart “The Fox” Conquest if you’re lucky) making fun about the “players” lack of chess skills in a subtle way only a chess grandmaster can…

The rest is pain – at least for those in the ring.

To make a long story short: If you can, go watch it. The next chance to do so in London is 23 March 2013. For those who can’t make it: fear not as it is most likely broadcast live!

Another possibility is to wait until the chess boxing circus run by the World Chess Boxing Organization is coming to your town, which is yet again quite likely as it is traveling the globe from India to Italy.


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