Stopover: Edit Suite


Although I had to go to Penzance twice and pick one interviewee up from the train in Truro to film all the interviews and cutaways I needed, I have to say that I am quiet pleased with the footage I got: Framing, white balancing, exposure, focus and sound are all ok, setting up is not a nightmare anymore. I even managed to get a couple of beauty shots to hopefully start and end my piece with – but we’ll see. Maybe I manage to drop a pun this time around… Bottom line with the technical side of things (still) is: practice, practice, practice.

As far as research and scripting is concerned I feel like I have been a bit too ambitious about the whole project. Notes for next time: Less is more. // Keep asking yourself: “What’s the story?” // Keep it simple!


The tricky part about having gathered as much information (and footage) as I have: How do you put all that into a two minute piece. Plus: The IOS topic is quiet complex, needs explanations etc. Answer: It’s not happening. Not until I narrow the issue down to its essence, which still feels as if I am tweeking the story itself, not covering the whole story. But I guess that’s just not what TV does…

Ultimately I’ll be centering my piece around the tourism side of things thus turning a local issue into an international story. Something in the way of „One of Britain’s most important holiday destination, the Isles of Scilly, is facing an unsolveable transport crisis…“

So far so good. From now on you’ll find me in one of the edit suites, fiddeling around with AVID.


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