German charger in Ireland bombs


Nico von Rupp is probably the best surfer ever to hail from Germany (together with Marlon of course). And although he was brought up in Portugal, we as German surfers (and there are more than you’d think) tend to be quiet proud of Nic the Quick…

Especially myself, since I had the honor to once compete against him in the final of the German Championships, back when they where still taking place in St. Girons in the south west of France… I’m sure he doesn’t remember. I think he was 14 at the time and he already kicked ass. Needless to say I didn’t stand a chance in that one heat.

Some ten years on I am still trying (and most of the times failing) to surf turns properly, while Nick does ridiculous things like this…

Divine Intervention from Nic von Rupp on Vimeo.

With barrels like those under is belt, I think Nic the Quick soon got over the fact, that he ended up surfing Irlenad instead of Hawaii.
And personally: I think Nic’s barrels reign among the best in the video, don’t you think? Or is that just me being German?


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