Vehicle of the Month #7

A Swedish American love affair...

A Swedish American love affair…

What’s likely to come out of a Swedish-American love affair? Damn right: the loveliest car you can imagine. And there it was, parked in front of Falmouth University’s media centre. Just before Easter for me that meant all egg hunting was over before it even started.

Inspired by American cars of the early 1950, the Volvo Amazon, also known as the Volvo 120 is a real Swedish classic. A creme de la creme type vehicle that looks as stunning today as it has fifty years ago.

First built in 1956 it was the first model to provide front seat belts as standard equipment and – a couple years later – the first ever vehicle to today’s standard three point seat belts.

Clearly one of the top vehicles of the months if not the past decades.


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