What do you know about seaweed?

Edible seaweed, or sea vegetables, are abundant along the Cornish coast. And: Many of the brown, red and green species found around Cornwall are really tasty and even healthy.

While most people probably already had seaweed at least once – maybe as sushi or in a miso soup – only few know that Cornwall is home to as many as 20 edible types of seaweed.

Tim van Berkel and his business partner Caroline Warwick-Evans are currently working on turning sea spaghetti, sea lettuce and co. into the next best delicacy coming out of Cornwall (after the Fal Native oyster of course).

With the Cornish Seaweed Company set up ready to go and England’s first official license to harvest seaweeds given out to Tim and Caro’s harvesting partner Rory McPhee, Cornish seaweed might soon be found in restaurants and deli shops across Europe. Or at least that’s what seaweed enthusiasts in Cornwall wish for.

Last week I was fortunate enough to join Tim and Caro in their quest for the delicious greens…


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