Fancy A Bath?

Imagine you’re being thrown into a whole new environment… just like that…BAM! New address, new language, new ways of living, no more routines  – you’re not even allowed to drive on the right side of the road anymore (whilst not finding your way to the giant supermarket next door).

Even though I’ve thrown myself into it, anticipating the challenges I might face, finally getting there is a bit scary. And yes: it is exhausting at times. But: it is also one unique and thrilling experience. So why not embrace that huge transition and jump right in? Like you would jump in a superb looking pool on a lovely summer’s day?

In theory, that’s exactly what you want to do. But once you’re there, well, that’s when things start to get tricky and the downside of Napoleon’s famous motto (“Commit first, then figure out how to do it.”) becomes obvious.

Right, I didn’t move to Cornwall to conquer anything, so no pressure there. Still there is some stuff to fight through in order to get the hang of things in Southwestern England. Like everyday life for example, buying groceries, getting around (which in Cornwall can be quite a mission), stuff like that.

Three weeks into that new Cornish Life of mine, things start clicking. But only after making that one move again and again that is: pushing myself over the edge and dropping into what will soon become “normal”. Socially, mentally & physically.


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