Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall


Opened in May 2006 Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen Cornwall is one of five “Fifteen” restaurants worldwide.

At the heart of Fifteen is an Apprentice Programme that’s one of a kind. Widely popular since the seven-part Channel 4 programme “Jamie’s Kitchen”, aired in 2002, the social enterprise model first started in London still proves successful today.

Each year the restaurant in Cornwall (as well as those in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Los Angeles and Melbourne) takes on a handful of unemployed young people between 18 and 24 and trains them to become qualified chefs…

The result is an amazingly vibrant atmosphere, which translates from the busy open kitchen straight into the neat and recently refurbished (and maybe now a bit too posh) restaurant.

Time flies as you wine and dine your way through self made squash tortellini, too good to be true duck and a couple of nice whites and reds overlooking Newquay’s stunning Watergate Bay.

Reality strikes straight after the delicious freshly cooked brownie as the bill reminds you of the exclusiveness of the restaurant you’re sitting in. Quality has its price you think – but was it that good?


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